I'm Carrie.
Runner, writer, peanut butter lover. Daydreamer. Social Media at Hip Genius by way of NYU.

Formerly an Online & Social Media Intern at Teen Vogue, Senior Editor at Washington Square News, intern at the NY Daily News and former Fashion Editor at Washington Square News.

I'm 22, but am mistaken for a middle school student on a regular basis. I am pretending to be grown up. Pretending being the key word in that sentence, since I eat most meals in bed and make a mess. (Hence my new blog title. Also: remember when this was all about fashion? HA.)

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Saturday in the park. (at Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir)

#Spring has sprung in #NYC. (at West Village)

This is a “hidden” restaurant in Nolita (NYC) that I walk past everyday on my way to/from work - “Freemans Restaurant.” It’s situated at the very end of a long dead-end alley off Rivington St. between Chrystie St. and Bowery. It’s lovely.

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Reblogging this for #Boston today.

NY <3 B. ✌

Self control is only having two versions of the same song on your iPhone.

  • Where I'm not: at Coachella
  • Where I am: who the fuck cares I AM NOT AT COACHELLA


If you don’t think this is the coolest thing ever, well you’re wrong.


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